Wireless Communication Enterprise (WCE) is a student-led organization within Michigan Tech’s Enterprise Program  focused on wireless, optical, renewable energy and biomedical technology. WCE has competent project experience in lasers, RFID, wind/solar power, PCB design, and embedded systems programming. We work as a think-tank for companies looking to push their product lines to a higher level. We also work as entrepreneurs, taking our own ideas to a level where they can be useful for industry and consumers alike. We are always looking for sponsors to challenge us with projects. WCE members come from many majors including Electrical, Computer, Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, Scientific Technical Communication and Business.

  • 2014-02-18 / Website Updated for Spring 2014

" 2014-02-18. It has been awhile since the last update. All teams and sponsors are now current. Enjoy the semester and keep up the great work!

" 2011-04-21. Thanks for a great semester everyone! We tied for third place at the Undergraduate Expo and a lot of progress was made towards project goals. Enjoy the summer break!"

" 2010-01-25. For members, WCE SharePoint web portal can be accessed here."